When welding the upper portion of the beams, use short passes to fill the    total weld area in order to keep
from twisting the frame. Alternate welds side to side. Use proper welding and clamping procedures...this is a structural weld.
 Whenever we designate a weld as a structural weld...it is  important to picture the fat man in your mind
Use the same procedures on the lower portion of the beams. I suggest about  four 1 & 1/2" welds
opposite each other, (8 total) These are structural welds.
Be sure to weld all the inner edges of the 'Air Triangle' Do NOT weld the   front of the beams at this time.
         These are structural welds.
Install the tranny as it would be installed when your art project is  completed. Level it side to side,  and place
 a level against the top and bottom  lip where the engine  slides in. Level this section by placing blocks under one   of the tranny mount arms. When it is level,
make sure it will not rock. Be  careful not to smash your   #%*^%!*@ fingers like I just did.

Now level the Twin-beam using vertical and horizontal levels, and slide it    back to the transaxal, centering it
with the narrow portion of the torsion bar.
Make sure the top member of the Twin-beam is level with the top of the  narrow portion of the torsion bar.
I use the square to guestimate how much  of the beam has to   be cut away to make a flush fit.  Draw a vertical line with the magic marker on your beam.       About 1/2" in this case.

Now guestimate or mike the diameter of the torsion bar center, where the  beams will be welded. I found it
    to be about the size of this fish food   container. Trace the  container to the beam, and roughly    cut away the   center area. Do NOT trim it all         the way to your line

Fit as I have done. I remove the primer with solvent, and reprime after this point. Keep using your torsion bar as a straight edge to draw  your trim line.   Always check level, and side to side centering with both the narrow  portion of the torsion bar and also from the bottom front of the beam to the  shock  mount  weld lines...(the first and only weld going the complete circumference of the torsion bar towards the outer  edge of the bar.)